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Welcome to the Ogden Falls Homeowner Association website. We are a beautiful and thriving community located off of Route 30 and Route 34 in Oswego, IL. Ogden Falls consists of 162 single family homes, 30 condominiums and 128 town homes.

***This site has been developed to keep the community of Ogden Falls updated to the happenings in the neighborhood. This is a private community website. In order to access all the pages you must first sign in. This information is only used to verify that you are a homeowner in one of the 320 residences of Ogden Falls.

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3/30/2015: Holiday Parking Update:
 the no-tow schedule has been updated for the Easter holiday. We will continue to provide updates for upcoming holidays as the streets are still private and in transition. 

*Upcoming meeting information can be found in the Announcement folder*


3/25/15: Street Update: board members, Ron Belec and Stephen Crawford turn over the Plat of Dedication to the village!

3/18/2015: Street Update:
  We are pleased to announce that the Village will be moving forward with the takeover of our streets! Some items to keep in mind before this is final:

  • Please continue to follow the current rules in place until this transaction is final.
  • There are still some steps to be completed and paperwork to be finalized. 
  • The two alleys here in Ogden Falls and all the street lights within those alleys will remain under the HOA and not by the Village.
  • We will continue to keep you informed with any and all updates when it comes to this.

: Street Update:  The final Plat of Dedication for the Ogden Falls street takeover has been confirmed on the 3/17/15 Village of Oswego Board meeting agenda.  At that time, the villiage board will vote to approve the take over of our streets. See link to agenda below. Section E, Item 6. This is an open meeting and all can attend.  Fingers crossed everyone!


3/6/15 Street Update:  All requested paperwork for the street dedication has been completed and submitted to the Village of Oswego.  
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2/4/2015-  Street Update: several board members attended the Oswego Plan Commission meeting this evening. The plat of dedication for Odgen Falls streets was on the agenda. After some discussion, the commissioners voted to move forward with the take over of our streets. As more details are revealed during this process, we will continue to provide those updates. We are one step closer to our goal!

the Ogden Falls website is currently undergoing updates and helpful additions. During this process you may notice some changes or a few pages may have some incomplete information. Please be patient while we work towards a new and improved neighborhood website. 

1/26/2015- the HOA website is experiencing unexpected technical difficulties. The Board are aware and working with our provider to correct the situation. 

11/19/2014- The Attorney of Ogden Falls HOA heard from a representative of the Village yesterday.  The engineering company has received instructions from the village regarding the amended changes needed on the plat of survey.  This work should be completed within three weeks.  When completed the plat of survey will be sent to the Village. 

Street Update  - The Village still plans to take the streets and the attorneys are working out the transfer details. 

Tree removal in the common areas will start to take place on Aug. 1, 2014. The trees that are being removed have an orange dot on them. Please remove any personal items that may be laying around the trees such as windchimes, bird baths, etc. 

7/19/14-  **IMPORTANT**
There is a letter coming in the mail from the Property Management Company that contains information about the Assessment History Committee that was formed to look inStreets Update - the allegations regarding prior assessment monies being owned to the Ogden Falls Master Association. A report of findings has been written by the Association's attorney regarding the committee's findings and the legal climate of this issue. This report can be found under the "Announcements" Page.   

The Ogden Falls Board of Directors would like to announce that the Annual Meeting and Board Meeting will be held on July 23, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. More information will be sent in a mailing. 

 The concrete work is being delayed due to bleed water in the subdivision. Weather permitting it will start up again when the grounds dry up.

 The Audit Committee met for their first meeting and are moving forward. Concrete work is proceeding as planned. The board is in the process of getting bids on tree removal.

Concrete work in the subdivision was started on the week of June 2, and crews will be working one half of the street at a time for community safety. Please note that while repairs are ocurring there will be a towing blackout from June 4 through July 8. 

The plantings will be trimmed June 9, 10 and 11 (weather permitting). The growth in the subdivision has been evaluated and everything is running about three weeks behind the estimated growing time due to the cold winter climate. The dead trees will be evaluated during this time. 

Spraying of the neighborhoods took place the week of May 25.  

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